Leaking Auto Antifreeze: 3 Possible Causes


Antifreeze plays a key part in keeping your car running. If the antifreeze in your vehicle begins to leak, it could result in your engine overheating, and it could cause damage to your car's radiator. For this reason, it is important that you understand the possible locations where a leak may occur. Below is a guide to 3 possible causes of an antifreeze leak. Damage to the radiator hose A leading cause of antifreeze leaks in a damaged radiator hose.

12 July 2017

Getting the Difference between 4WD and AWD Transmissions


The drivetrain or powertrain comprises a system of components that work together to power a vehicle so that it moves. One of the major components of the drivetrain is the transmission that converts the power of the motor into the force that makes the wheels to rotate. Vehicles come in different transmission set ups that include the four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive systems. Many new vehicle owners are usually unable to tell the difference between these two types of drivetrains and usually confuse one for the other because "

22 May 2017

Ways to Tell If Your Car Requires Brake Repairs


For you vehicle to function at optimal performance, you need a brake system that is well maintained. Not only are your brakes crucial for the handling of your car, but they are also necessary for ensuring your safety and that of other road users too. In addition to ensuring that your brakes are well maintained, it is also prudent to know how to spot the signs of impending brake repairs. Discerning the symptoms of malfunctioning brakes enables you to seek mechanical intervention before a minor problem becomes exacerbated.

8 May 2017

Car Care Tips to Help Prevent Transmission Problems


There's no two ways about it — the secret to preventing costly car repairs is ensuring that the vehicle is maintained well. It is, however, unfortunate that several car owners do not give adequate maintenance attention to their vehicles. They just wait until the vehicle breaks down completely before they can take it to the mechanic shop for repair service. Most often than not, this results in what they dread — costly repairs.

24 April 2017

Maintenance Tips for Your Car's Differential


You might be aware of standard maintenance for your car, like changing your oil and checking the air in the tyres, but don't forget about the differential. Many people get this checked during a routine tune-up by their mechanic, but it is still good to know about it in case you want to look for signs of differential issues to avoid more serious problems. What Is the Differential? The differential is something every vehicle has, even though you might not have realized it was there.

17 April 2017

Common Signs and Transmission Troubles to Expect in Your Vehicle


The transmission system of your vehicle is very crucial because it allows successful shift between gears. The changes are quite necessary to allow the vehicle adjust to various topographic levels of the ground. It also allows the car to manage muddy or swampy areas. Identifying the nature of the problem within the transmission system may seem difficult especially for the average drivers who are not conversant with automotive factors. Troubles involving mechanical systems in your car will always exhibit distinct sounds and sensations that raise a red flag of malfunction.

11 April 2017

Signs Your Car's Differential System Could Be Failing


The differential system is an integral component of your car that enables the wheels to rotate at varying speeds for traction and stability on the road. Differential systems are often tucked out of sight at the front, rear, or both sides of your car depending on the type of vehicle you have. The differential system or diff, is usually designed to operate flawlessly and for this reason, many car owners tend to ignore or neglect issues concerning it.

4 April 2017

Caravan Service: Symptoms of a Transmission System That Needs a Tune-Up


It is not easy to determine when you will begin to experience transmission problems with your caravan. However, you should bear in mind that you will need to contend with this issue at one time or another as the more mileage a caravan has, the more it becomes susceptible to transmission problems. The key to ensuring the transmission problems do not become exacerbated is by spotting the symptoms early and having them fixed by a professional post haste.

22 March 2017

Tips to Getting Value for Money from a Rented Moving Truck


Moving your possessions to a storage unit or to your new home is much more convenient with the services of a moving company. That being said, moving can be relatively expensive, especially if you do not plan ahead of time. The situation is made much more difficult because moving companies require you to make bookings well in advance because of the logistical issues that have to be considered. Therefore, making your own arrangements is a good alternative.

9 March 2017

Caravan Repairs: Symptoms of a Fuel Pressure Regulator in Disrepair


For your caravan to run at optimum, its fuel needs to be at a specific pressure. The component tasked with ensuring this is the fuel pressure regulator. In addition to controlling the pressure of the fuel, the regulator also ensures that any excess fuel is redirected back into the fuel tank. The fuel pressure regulator also works to ensure that the fuel injectors are functioning at optimum. Thus, in the event that your fuel pressure regulator begins to decline, there is an assortment of things that could go wrong with your vehicle.

9 March 2017