Caravan Repairs: Symptoms of a Fuel Pressure Regulator in Disrepair


For your caravan to run at optimum, its fuel needs to be at a specific pressure. The component tasked with ensuring this is the fuel pressure regulator. In addition to controlling the pressure of the fuel, the regulator also ensures that any excess fuel is redirected back into the fuel tank. The fuel pressure regulator also works to ensure that the fuel injectors are functioning at optimum. Thus, in the event that your fuel pressure regulator begins to decline, there is an assortment of things that could go wrong with your vehicle.

9 March 2017

2 Major Causes of a Malfunctioning Transmission Valve


Your vehicle's transmission is one of the most crucial systems for its peak performance. A major component found in this system is the transmission valve. This device is considered to be the brain of the overall system. This is because it is tasked with directing the different fluids to their appropriate passages while also controlling the shifting of the transmission. Therefore, any underlying issues with the transmission valve will have an adverse effect on the entire transmission as well as your power steering.

3 March 2017

Car Battery: How to Avoid Trouble


There is nothing more frustrating that attempting to start your car and finding that the battery is dead. However, the battery on your car will often provide signs that it is failing before to stops working completely. Below is a guide to the signs that your car battery may be about to fail and some top tips on how you can extend the life of your car battery. Signs Your Car Battery is About to Die

11 October 2016