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Caravan Service: Symptoms of a Transmission System That Needs a Tune-Up


It is not easy to determine when you will begin to experience transmission problems with your caravan. However, you should bear in mind that you will need to contend with this issue at one time or another as the more mileage a caravan has, the more it becomes susceptible to transmission problems. The key to ensuring the transmission problems do not become exacerbated is by spotting the symptoms early and having them fixed by a professional post haste. Below are some of the symptoms that your caravan's transmission system needs a tune up.

You are having a hard time shifting gears

The gears are one of the crucial components of your caravan's transmission system. Thus, if you begin to notice any irregularities when you are driving your caravan, then chances are there is a problem with the transmission. Some of the problems that would crop up when shifting your gears include:

  • Your caravan is hesitating when you are trying to initiate the gear system

  • Your caravan is slipping out of gear when you are driving

  • Your caravan is shifting gears spontaneously

  • Your caravan is jerking when you are trying to shift gears

Your caravan is making strange noises and movements between gears

When you are shifting gears, the movement should be fluid and inaudible. When you start to notice that the caravan is making weird noises such as grinding when you are shifting gears, it is likely that there are some damaged components in your transmission system. In addition to this, if you start to notice the caravan is shimmying whenever you are trying to shift gears, it could be indicative of a clutch that has become excessively worn. These symptoms should not be ignored as they could lead to accelerated wear and tear of the other components that the transmission system comprises.

Your caravan's transmission fluid is compromised

Some motorists are not aware of what colour their transmission fluid is supposed to be. Hence, they will not be able to discern if there is a problem with this fluid. Healthy transmission fluid is bright red in colour. In addition to this, it has a sweet smelling odour. If the transmission fluid is being burnt, it will start to turn black and will give off a foul, smoky odour, which means it will be unable to properly lubricate the transmission system. It would be critical to have your transmission system serviced as soon as possible.


22 March 2017