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Tips to Getting Value for Money from a Rented Moving Truck


Moving your possessions to a storage unit or to your new home is much more convenient with the services of a moving company. That being said, moving can be relatively expensive, especially if you do not plan ahead of time. The situation is made much more difficult because moving companies require you to make bookings well in advance because of the logistical issues that have to be considered.

Therefore, making your own arrangements is a good alternative. If you choose to go this route, then you need to rent a moving truck to transport your possessions. The tips provided in this article should help you get the best deal on a rental truck.

Estimate Truck Size — One thing that people dislike when moving is being forced to make several trips. It is tiring, time consuming, and expensive. To avoid making a lot of trips, it is critical for you to estimate the size of truck you will need to transport all your possessions in one go.

Renting an oversized truck means that you will pay more despite under-utilizing it. On the other hand, a smaller truck will force you to make numerous trips. As a rule of thumb, you need to hire a 12 foot truck for every standard room worth of items. Also, a rental company can help you to make an informed estimate.

Book Early — Most people tend to prefer moving in summer because the weather allows makes things easier. Therefore, you might find it difficult to secure a truck during this time due to increased demand. Additionally, rental rates might go through the roof. Booking for a truck early on is imperative if you want the moving process to be hassle free. To be safe, you should make a booking at least six weeks in advance and follow up with a confirmation two weeks before the moving date.

Account for Logistics — Since you will be driving the rented truck, you should know that Australian roads restrict certain sizes of truck. Failure to conform to such regulations usually results in hefty penalties or court appearances. As such, you should ensure that you are familiar with the rules and regulations governing road use, especially on the roads you plan to use while moving. In this case, accounting for road logistics will help you to avoid unnecessary stops by law enforcement officials; consequently, you will save valuable time and money.


9 March 2017