Are Your Car Brakes Failing? 3 Warning Signs to Watch Out For


Your car's brakes aren't designed to last a lifetime. They will require repairs at some point and it's important that you repair them before your next car safety inspection. Many new car owners, especially those who have never dealt with cars before, may have a problem when it comes to detecting problematic brakes. Staying ahead of brake problems by being able to know when something is wrong will save you from not only costly repairs but also potentially dangerous situations on the road.

22 May 2018

3 Ways a Mechanic Will Keep Your Car Roadworthy


If you take the time to properly maintain your automobile, you can avoid mechanical problems and breakdowns and extend the lifespan of various components. Below is a guide to some of the things you should do to keep your vehicle in great condition. Maintain the coolant system  The engine in your car can get very hot, but the coolant system in your car keeps the engine cool. Debris can build up within the liquid continue the coolant system.

27 March 2018

What Causes Brake Failure in Commercial Trucks?


When it comes to utility, commercial trucks are the leading brand on the road. This is because of a comfortable driver's cabin, an unmatched carrying capacity and the ability to travel long distances with tonnes of luggage. Many other vehicles would break down when subjected to such a workload. Unfortunately, commercial trucks have their downsides, too. Their braking system is complex and comprises many parts, especially for large trucks with as many as eighteen wheels.

23 February 2018

4 Car Transmission Behaviours that a Driver Should Never Ignore


Gearbox issues are a nuisance, an inconvenience, and expensive to fix. While regular maintenance will help prevent the development of transmission issues, a car will eventually develop such problems if you own it long enough. Therefore, you should stay alert for subtle signs of gearing problems. This article highlights some car transmission behaviours that you should never ignore if you want to nip gearbox issues in the bud. Involuntary Gear Slips

22 January 2018

5 Reasons to Keep the Logbook After Buying a Car


Generally, when you buy a new car, you get a logbook. This book has advice from the car's manufacturer about when you need certain repairs and services, and it also has spots for you to make notes on the services you have gotten. Wondering if you should relegate the logbook to the rubbish heap or keep it? Here are five reasons you should hang onto it and use it. 1. To Stay Up to Date on Service

5 January 2018