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4 Car Transmission Behaviours that a Driver Should Never Ignore


Gearbox issues are a nuisance, an inconvenience, and expensive to fix. While regular maintenance will help prevent the development of transmission issues, a car will eventually develop such problems if you own it long enough. Therefore, you should stay alert for subtle signs of gearing problems. This article highlights some car transmission behaviours that you should never ignore if you want to nip gearbox issues in the bud.

Involuntary Gear Slips

f you notice that once in a while the transmission moves from one gear to another without you (for manual transmission) or the computer (for automatic transmission) shifting it, then you need to have it checked. You should treat slipping gears as a safety concern and have it fixed as soon as possible. For instance, you might need power in the wheels to escape from a precarious overtaking situation, but if the transmission shifts to low gear without your knowledge, then your safety is compromised.

Burning Smell

Obviously, encountering a burning smell from your vehicle while driving should be reason enough reason to seek professional help. One way temperatures in a gearing setup are kept low is by running transmission fluid within the system to absorb excess heat. However, if the fluid is contaminated with debris, then it breaks down and loses its heat absorption qualities. In this case, temperatures in the transmission system will increase and produce the burning smell.

Slow Shifting

You might notice that when you shift gears, it takes a bit of time for the gears to engage. The primary reason for the transmission behaviour is fluid leakage. Transmission fluid lubricates the gears so that the transition from one speed to the next is smooth. However, if there is a leakage in the gearbox, then there will be less lubrication thereby making it difficult for gears to shift smoothly. Most importantly, never ignore slow shifting because the problem will get worse and destroy you're the entire transmission system.

Unusual Sounds

Sounds such a clunking, hissing, and howling beneath your car point to a possible transmission problem. For instance, if you hear a hissing sound while speeding or slowing down, then the chances are that the rubber isolators in the shift linkage are worn out. Without the rubber isolators, the shift forks touch the sleeves' grooves thereby causing a hissing sound. A professional mechanic will identify the issue and replace the rubber isolators immediately.

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22 January 2018