Important Care Tips For Your Car Tyres


Your car takes you wherever you want to go, but it's the tyres that take the brunt of any journey on the road. The constant interaction between the tyres and the road surface while driving generates frictional forces that result in the wear and tear of tyres over time.  Proper tyre maintenance is essential for extending the life of your tyres and improving vehicle safety and ride quality. It also helps to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle, saving fuel and money when driving.

10 December 2020

What are the benefits of automatic transmission?


Automatic transmission used to be thought of as a bit of a luxury and used to be a fairly minor part of the auto and truck industry. This has changed significantly in recent years, where not only many cars but also many trucks, tractors and other agricultural and industrial machines have this type of transmission fitted as standard. Benefits of automatic transmission There are probably two main benefits satiated with automatic transmission.

27 October 2020

Clutch Disc Replacement: Three Essential Planning Tips for Effective Repairs


The clutch disc is an indispensable component in a manual transmission automobile. This unit is designed to engage the power transmission of the system during operation. When the vehicle starts and stops or experiences a gear change, the clutch is involved. Therefore, it is not unusual for this part to become worn out due to the friction generated when driving. Moreover, the wear might be accelerated by the increase of load when towing or hauling heavy loads constantly.

15 July 2020

A Guide On How To Purchase Wheels For Your Vehicle


Buying car wheels can seem like an easy task. However, buying the wrong wheels can significantly affect your vehicle's handling. Below are some tips to help you purchase car wheels.  Rims Most vehicles come with OEM rims of a particular size. However, some people will experiment with aftermarket rims to enhance the appeal of their car. Purchase aftermarket rims from reputable companies. Cheap imports without any guarantees are made from low-quality materials.

27 May 2020