Why a Missed Logbook Service Could Have Major Ramifications


When it's time for a logbook service, and you already have a busy schedule, you may wonder whether you should skip the visit or consider rescheduling later. Many people are in your situation these days as they don't have enough spare capacity, and as the vehicle appears to be working "perfectly fine," it's not a priority. However, if you make a habit of such decisions, you may run into trouble in the future when it's time to look for another vehicle.

22 December 2022

Why Should You Take Additional Steps When Servicing Your Automatic Transmission?


Inside the automatic transmission fitted to your car or truck is a very special component known as a "torque converter." It's a crucial part that helps to convert the power provided by the engine into the appropriate gear according to the driving conditions. While this component is well-engineered and meant to last, it will need a certain amount of service to avoid potential problems. And to carry out this work, you will need special tools to go much further than a traditional oil change.

16 September 2022

Has Your Alternator Failed, Or Could It Be Something Else?


When a particular component on your car does not work as expected, you may automatically jump to conclusions and assume the component itself is faulty. Yet other potential culprits could be involved, and you may want to check those before spending your hard-earned cash on a more expensive replacement. Where should you focus your attention instead? Protecting The Circuitry The electrical circuitry fitted to your car is dense but generally broken down into high and low-voltage sections.

13 June 2022

Emerging Trends in Auto Repairs


Did you know that 92.5% of Australian households have a car? The rate is high and shows that a vehicle is a necessity in the average Australian's busy life. However, while public means of transportation are affordable, they score poorly in convenience. It is good news for auto repair shops because it means one thing: increased business. The reason is that a motorist's car is only as good as its condition.

4 April 2022

Common Mistakes To Avoid During Car Battery Replacement


Car batteries have a service period beyond which they can no longer perform optimally. For most brands, the service period falls between 3-5 years. Thus, replacing an aging car battery is advisable, especially when you start noticing performance issues. The reason is that timely replacements can save you the agony that comes with a dead battery. That said, car battery replacement can only be successful if carried out correctly. It means you must avoid certain battery replacements mistakes, as highlighted in this post.

11 February 2022