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Ways to Tell If Your Car Requires Brake Repairs


For you vehicle to function at optimal performance, you need a brake system that is well maintained. Not only are your brakes crucial for the handling of your car, but they are also necessary for ensuring your safety and that of other road users too. In addition to ensuring that your brakes are well maintained, it is also prudent to know how to spot the signs of impending brake repairs. Discerning the symptoms of malfunctioning brakes enables you to seek mechanical intervention before a minor problem becomes exacerbated. So what are some of the ways to tell if your car requires brake repairs?

Your brakes start squealing when they are applied

When in operation, your brakes are supposed to work inaudibly. If you start to notice they are emitting screeching or squealing noises, it usually means that your brake pads are on the fritz. Brakes are designed with a small mechanism that works to create this sound so that the braking system can alert you that something is off kilter. Screeching noises from your brakes are usually the first indication of your brakes declining. Thus, it is essential to take your vehicle for servicing as soon as you notice this. Ignoring the screeching sounds will only lead to further wear of the brake pads and higher repair costs.

Your brakes make howling noises when employed

Another sound to be wary of when it comes to your braking system is howling noises. These could also sound like grinding whenever you push down on your brakes. These types of sounds are usually indicative of diminished brake pads. As such, whenever you employ your brakes, there will be metal crunching on metal, which causes the grinding noises. In this situation, replacement of the brake pads is the only course of action, as they will be irrevocably damaged.

Your vehicle starts to vibrate when you brake

When you begin to notice unusual vibrations or other strange movements from your vehicle when the brakes are applied, it is highly likely that the braking system has become compromised. The vibrations that your car is experiencing are usually caused when the rotors in the braking system have become warped over time. It should be noted that the rotors have the important function of ensuring your vehicle slows down when you apply your brakes. Thus, overlooking the problem will inevitably lead to your vehicle losing its stopping power over time.


8 May 2017