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Hello and welcome! My name is Fareed, and this blog is about car repair. I plan to write about smash repair, body work, painting and other aspects of the industry. I also hope to include a few posts that will help you assess whether or not something is wrong with your car. I have worked on my own car for years, and recently, I've been embraced as the neighbourhood mechanic -- all my friends come to me for help. I'm not a professional mechanic, but I feel confident sharing this info with you as I've been working on cars for years. I am happy you found my blog and hope that you enjoy reading!

4 Telltale Indications You've Got a Bad Transmission


Buying your first car so you can enjoy convenient travel is a great idea, but you'll have to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining and repairing the vehicle when need arises. Despite your best efforts to ensure the vehicle is properly taken care of, however, it is perfectly normal for some problems to crop up. One of these problems is a bad transmission.

The transmission provides the power required to turn the wheels and move the vehicle. Early detection of transmission issues can significantly keep repair costs down because problems will be fixed before they can exacerbate.

If you notice any of these signs while you are driving your car, it is likely that you are experiencing transmission trouble.

Noisy transmission

When your transmission is working properly, it will run almost silently. When you start hearing grinding, whining, and other unusual noises coming from your transmission, it's a sure-fire sign that something is definitely wrong with your transmission and you should have your mechanic check out the problem.

Burning odour

Your transmission fluid keeps transmission parts properly lubricated, but also helps cools the transmission system. If you notice a burning smell coming from your transmission, it is likely that the old fluid is worn out and you need new fluid in your transmission. Locate your transmission fluid dipstick to check the colour and condition of your transmission fluid. If it looks dark and dirty, you'll have to remove and replace it.

Slipping gears

When your transmission is in tiptop condition, your car should remain in the gear you've chosen until you select a different gear. If your car shifts to a different gear without you changing gears, it is most likely that it needs transmission repair.

Loss of power

If you accelerate your car but notice that the vehicle is not reaching the desired speed, chances are high that your car is losing power. One of the most probable causes of this could be a bad transmission. Remember, it is the transmission that powers the wheels and moves the vehicle, so if your car is losing power, it could be that the wheels are not being sufficiently powered.

The most effective way to keep your car in good working condition and to minimise repair costs is to make sure it is regularly serviced. However, it is important to point out that regular servicing does not guarantee immunity to car problems. Therefore, you should constantly be on the lookout for anything that seems unusual.


31 July 2017