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Common Signs and Transmission Troubles to Expect in Your Vehicle


The transmission system of your vehicle is very crucial because it allows successful shift between gears. The changes are quite necessary to allow the vehicle adjust to various topographic levels of the ground. It also allows the car to manage muddy or swampy areas. Identifying the nature of the problem within the transmission system may seem difficult especially for the average drivers who are not conversant with automotive factors. Troubles involving mechanical systems in your car will always exhibit distinct sounds and sensations that raise a red flag of malfunction. Any weird encounter with your vehicle as such requires an immediate assessment of the issue. Assuming small issues within your car may build up to bigger complications within the engine or gearbox system. Here are common signs that your transmission system is about to fault and transmission problems to expect.

Noisy or rough shifts

Your transmission system shifting in a convincing manner does not translate to being the clear. Be keen to listen to the noise your vehicle makes when changing gears. Are there any rough sounds like parts grinding when moving against one another? Does the car seem to struggle at moments of shifting from one gear to another? Are there any odd vibrations during completion of shifts? These are alarms that you need to visit your garage for an all-over check up.

Leaking fluids

The transmission system of your car is well sealed by manufacturers and should not leak. Collect any fluids that leak on the underside with a piece of cardboard or a drip pan. If you notice a brown or red fluid, then your transmission system is leaking. Leaking fluids can interfere with the transmission system. Call your mechanic before it's late to seal the leak and replace lost transmission fluid.

Slipping transmission

Slipping transmission happens when gears change despite having not given instructions. This may be experienced when a speeding car escalates the transmission system into higher gears. A sudden drop to lower gears without your vehicle decelerating is a slip. Seek immediate attention to identify the reason for the slip.

Failing to engage new gear

This is often experienced in manual vehicles. If the car refuses to change to a new gear after engaging the clutch and trying to move the stick, check the fluid level to confirm if it is okay. Other issues that may cause this problem include incorrect thickness of transmission fluid, shift cables, and the clutch linkage.

The engine light located on your car's dashboard is a very crucial sign of an issue. Always be attentive when this light turns on as it could be related to the transmission system of your car.


11 April 2017