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Hello and welcome! My name is Fareed, and this blog is about car repair. I plan to write about smash repair, body work, painting and other aspects of the industry. I also hope to include a few posts that will help you assess whether or not something is wrong with your car. I have worked on my own car for years, and recently, I've been embraced as the neighbourhood mechanic -- all my friends come to me for help. I'm not a professional mechanic, but I feel confident sharing this info with you as I've been working on cars for years. I am happy you found my blog and hope that you enjoy reading!

Tips for Saving Money on Car Servicing


Visiting an auto-shop is something that you probably dread considering the amount of time and money involved. That said, car servicing is critical, and your vehicle needs regular check-ups. While servicing your car will set you back a couple of dollars, you must take advantage of opportunities that will help you to save cost. Do not merely go to an auto repair shop, drop your vehicle, and then pay whatever is asked. This article takes you through various ways you can save money whenever the time comes to service your car.

Ignore the 3000-mile Oil Change Rule

You must have come across people telling you that you need to change the oil in your vehicle after every 3000 miles to ensure optimal performance. While this might have been true 15 years ago, it does not hold water today. Modern car and engine manufacturers produce auto parts that can withstand the pressures of use. For instance, if you have a vehicle designed for use in an all-terrain environment, but you drive it in the city mostly, then there is no need of changing the oil after 3000 miles since the engine is not being overworked. Notably, most standard vehicles today can do a lot more than 3000 miles without the need for the oil change. Only regular oil checks will let you know if there is the need for oil refill; otherwise, save your money.

Rotate Car Tires

Tires are expensive; therefore, when it comes to changing worn out tires, you want to make sure that they are fully worn out. However, you will find that in most vehicles, rear tires wear faster than the front pair because they support a bigger percentage of the car's total weight. Noticeably, rotating your car tires ensures that they wear out evenly and consequently last longer. You will save money that you would have used to retread the worn out tires or in the purchase of new ones.  

Try Regular Fuel

True, some vehicle manufacturers recommend the strict use of premium fuel in their engines. However, the truth of the matter is that most modern model car models can adapt to regular fuel even if the manufacturer recommends premium. Advanced technology has equipped motors with knock detectors that help to alter their timing automatically whenever it detects uncontrolled burning of fuel. The feature protects your engine from being damaged. If your engine adjusts to regular fuel without any negative consequences, then you would save a lot of money in the end concerning car servicing.


6 December 2017