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What Are the Signs of Impending Gearbox Failure in Trucks?


The gearbox is one of the most important mechanical components of your truck. Its job is to change the torque output of the engine by increasing or decreasing speed. It also provides a means of reversing the vehicle and keeping it in a permanent position of neutral. 

Given the important purposes that the gearbox serves, you should investigate any early signs of gearbox trouble so you can take corrective action before gearbox failure occurs. Below are some common gearbox trouble signs that you should watch out for.

Burnt smell

Your gearbox is made up of a set of gears that rub against each other when the truck is running. To keep the gears rotating smoothly and prevent the abrasion and internal friction that may occur when gear teeth come into contact with each other, proper lubrication of the gears is a must.

Inside the gearbox, there is transmission oil to help keep the gears cool and well-oiled. If you notice a burnt odour coming from your gearbox, it's likely that your transmission oil has broken down and needs to be replaced. Usually, the burnt smell is usually accompanied by overheating since it signals that the system is running too hot.

Transmission fluid leaks 

This is one of the most obvious signs of gearbox trouble. If you can spot puddles of bright red fluid dripping underneath your truck, this is an indication of lubricant loss from your gearbox. The problem won't go away by simply putting more transmission fluid into your truck. You'll need to identify and repair the leak spots before replenishing the lubricant level.

Delay in shifting gears 

Are you experiencing a delay in response when you attempt to change gears? When your gearbox is working properly, you should be able to switch from one gear to another gear smoothly and swiftly.

If your truck takes longer than usual to go into the desired gear, then you should get the gearbox checked for problems.

Gearbox noises

Under normal circumstances, your gearbox should operate quietly. If you notice clunking, whining or other loud noises coming out of it, then something's probably wrong. Unusual gearbox noises can also be an indicator of problems not related to the gearbox, so it's recommended that you take your vehicle to a specialist for accurate diagnosis and proper repair.

If you drive a modern truck model, the warning lights on your dashboard should come on every time there is a problem with your gearbox and other parts of the vehicle. That said, even the most sophisticated dashboard warning lights can fail at crucial times, so it's best to keep a lookout for signs of gearbox trouble. If you see any sign of impending gearbox failure, take your truck to the nearest mechanic shop to get the problem fixed. Contact a truck repair service for more information. 


12 October 2021