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What Do You Need to Think About Before Fitting an Aftermarket Body Kit?


Are you tempted to buy an aftermarket body kit so that you can improve the general look of your car? Many are tempted to do so as, to be honest, it can be difficult to distinguish one car from another in terms of modern design etiquette. What do you need to consider before you spend your hard-earned cash, and, once you have made your purchase, should you attempt to fit the kit yourself?

Making Your Choice

As you do your initial research, you will see that there may be many different options for your particular make and model. Each one may have a different appearance, and some may be meant for those who intend to exhibit the vehicle in local car shows. Determine your objective before you begin and understand that some of the more dramatic kits may be more difficult to fit.


Always ensure that the kits you buy have been approved for use on the public road. This may be particularly important when it comes to the bumpers and any other parts that may protrude.

Paint Last

Don't be tempted to spray the individual parts of the body kit before you fit them to your car. Even though you may get the correct paint code, the paint on the car itself may have faded over the years, and the kit, once fitted, may stand out like a sore thumb. It's always best to fit the kit first and to get a professional to blend the paint in as necessary.

Everything Correct

If you are tempted to fit the kit yourself, make sure that you have all of the parts before proceeding. You will need a large and uncluttered area, and once you have determined your workspace, lay everything out first so that you can check what you have.

Read First

Always read the instructions supplied. You may spend hours trying to fit a side skirt attachment only to find that you have to remove it again because you should have fitted an adjoining part first. This can be soul-destroying, and you may end up with a never-ending journey otherwise.

Practical Considerations

Above all else, check that you will be able to drive the car safely once you have fitted that particular type of kit. Some of the parts might be much closer to the ground once fitted, or may even rub against the tyres if you have not made any adjustments. Sometimes, it is necessary to alter the vehicle's ride height to make sure that you can drive the car as intended.

Professional Fitting

If you do intend to invest in a quality aftermarket body kit, it makes sense to get it fitted by a professional. For more information about body kits, like Mustang body kits, contact a local seller.


20 April 2021