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Hello and welcome! My name is Fareed, and this blog is about car repair. I plan to write about smash repair, body work, painting and other aspects of the industry. I also hope to include a few posts that will help you assess whether or not something is wrong with your car. I have worked on my own car for years, and recently, I've been embraced as the neighbourhood mechanic -- all my friends come to me for help. I'm not a professional mechanic, but I feel confident sharing this info with you as I've been working on cars for years. I am happy you found my blog and hope that you enjoy reading!

Don't put it off—keep your trucks running well with regular servicing and repairs


Australia is a huge continent that requires thousands upon thousands of trucks operating around the clock to deliver, re-supply and pick up all the items that keep the country running smoothly. From food to mining equipment, Australia runs on the backs of the many truck drivers and companies that put in long hours to ensure everything is delivered on time. It is because of these long hours and competitive margins that many truck drivers and companies push their machines to the limit and avoid any servicing, which can have disastrous consequences. Don't let the problems build up—keep your fleet on the road with regular truck repairs.

Truck Servicing

Whether you own a fleet or just one truck, you will need to have it regularly serviced to avoid any built-up problems. A truck service should be part of every transportation business across Australia, and if it's not part of yours, you are asking for trouble. Oil leaks, failing hydraulics, cracked radiators, rusty couplings and more are all common problems with trucks that can go unnoticed until they cause catastrophic damage all at once. Truck servicing takes only a few hours out of your year, and as an insurance policy, there is none better. 

Truck Repairs

If your truck has been in any kind of accident or collision, then you should get it checked out by a truck repair contractor as soon as possible. Even if it is only a small collision and you have protective bull bars and the like, it is imperative that your truck is given the all-clear by a professional mechanic with knowledge about your type of truck. There are so many moving parts that all have to be in perfect working order for a truck to function properly that, if they get jolted out of position in a crash, the whole system is liable to come down at any moment. If that is when you are out on the road, then you could lose your payload and be out of the cost of getting your truck towed.

Preventative Work

Apart from seeing the professionals, there are things you as an individual driver can do to keep your truck motoring along. Before each journey, you should give the vehicle a once-over, checking vulnerable parts and ensuring there are no leaks or breaks in the chassis or undercarriage. Regularly replacing your water and oil and giving your truck a good wash as often as possible are also good ways to stay on top of your truck's health, in addition to truck repairs and servicing.


4 September 2019