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Crucial Questions to Expect from a Reputable Panel Beater


Whether it is a minor fender bender or a serious accident, panel beaters help restore a car to its pristine condition. Looking for a reputable panel beater is crucial since the quality of work largely depends on their skills. In most cases, a client should ask a panel beater certain questions to establish the expected quality of services. However, a professional panel beater should also ask customers specific questions before commencing repair work. Most importantly, it allows a panel beater to provide personalised repair services. Here are critical questions to expect from a panel beater.

Do You Want a Courtesy Car? 

Statistics from the last census indicated that 69% of Australians drive to work. It means that Australians heavily rely on their vehicles to commute and run errands. Therefore, accidents are a major cause of frustration since they render vehicles unusable. Unfortunately, many motorists do not know that some reputable and experienced panel beaters offer courtesy vehicles free of charge. If you are not aware of such services, you might struggle to commute while your vehicle is undergoing repairs. In this regard, panel beaters who offer courtesy cars need to ask clients if they need one. Notably, clients with an extra car at home might not need a courtesy vehicle, but customers without one will appreciate the service.

Do You Need Help with Insurance Claims? 

Working with an insurance company to get a claim for a damaged vehicle can be a long and tedious process. For example, you must file the appropriate paperwork with your insurer, wait for an agent to contact you, inspect the damage and determine the at-fault party. In some cases, you could wait weeks before an insurer starts to process your claim. An experienced panel beater understands such frustrations and nurtures close working relationships with auto-insurers. The close collaborations allow panel beaters to process paperwork for clients, speeding up claims processing.

Do You Want to Use OEM or After-Market Parts? 

When you take a damaged car to a panel beater that partners with a dealer, you get original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. On the other hand, independent panel beaters usually install after-market parts, but they can also use OEM components. Therefore, a professional panel beater should let their client decide what they want regarding spare pairs. For instance, you might want OEM parts since you can afford them, but another customer may settle for after-market parts because of affordability. Asking clients to choose the components they want before repair work begins prevents conflict down the line.


2 December 2021