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A Guide On Comprehensive Logbook Servicing


Logbook servicing is a manufacturer-recommended vehicle maintenance schedule that aims to keep your car in excellent condition while under manufacturer warranty. Below is an article discussing the benefits of logbook servicing and how to conduct logbook servicing

What Are The Benefits Of Logbook Servicing?

New car buyers may not have a clue about how to service and maintain their vehicles. More often than not, new car models come with complex technologies that are difficult to understand. As such, small oversights could cause ECU, engine or transmission damages. Logbook servicing aims to overcome this by ensuring the car owner keeps the vehicle's systems in excellent condition. In most cases, logbook servicing is tied to the car's warranty. As such, you could void the warranty if you do not observe the service schedule. 

Most car owners will neglect logbook servicing once the warranty expires. However, this should not be the case. Logbook servicing is a long-term vehicle maintenance approach. It helps extend the longevity of your engine, prevents chronic problems and eases vehicle diagnostics. For example, the logbook could recommend that you change the fuel injectors at a specified mileage. If you do not do this, your vehicle will run on clogged or worn-out injectors. As such, your engine will overwork and could therefore overheat. In this case, the internal engine components will wear out and you risk an engine knock. However, this could not have been the case if you replaced the injectors on time. 

How To Conduct Logbook Servicing 

Read the terms of your warranty to know whether the manufacturer compels you to conduct logbook servicing at specified garages. It happens if the car has sophisticated systems that require specialised knowledge. If this is the case, the manufacturer will provide a list of garages to choose from. When choosing a repair shop, check the mechanic's reputation by assessing online reviews or interviewing his or her clients. As a rule, the repair shop should provide a wide range of services. For instance, other than vehicle maintenance, they should also offer body repairs and towing services should your vehicle break down. 

An experienced mechanic will take a copy of your logbook and inform you when your vehicle is due for servicing. It ensures that you do not miss a logbook service. As a rule, your mechanic should use OEM spares and manufacturer-accredited lubricants when conducting logbook service. After the service, they should indicate the parts installed, their longevity and when the vehicle is due for the next service. 


26 February 2021