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Important Care Tips For Your Car Tyres


Your car takes you wherever you want to go, but it's the tyres that take the brunt of any journey on the road. The constant interaction between the tyres and the road surface while driving generates frictional forces that result in the wear and tear of tyres over time. 

Proper tyre maintenance is essential for extending the life of your tyres and improving vehicle safety and ride quality. It also helps to ensure smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle, saving fuel and money when driving.  

Here are some important tyre maintenance tips you should follow.

Maintain the correct tyre pressure

Many drivers ignore the importance of properly inflated tyres until they find themselves struggling to accelerate due to driving with low-pressure tyres. Low tyre pressure not only makes your car feel like it is losing power when you step on the gas, but it also increases the rate of wear and tear on the tyres and hurts your vehicle's fuel economy. 

You should also avoid driving with overinflated tyres. Your tyres are likely to bow out and wear prematurely when they have too much air. Overinflated tyres can also reduce the comfort of your ride due to sub-optimal contact between the tyres and the road surface.

Always check your tyre pressure before hitting the road, especially if you are going on a long journey. Correct tyre inflation helps to ensure safe, comfortable, and fuel-saving driving. Not paying attention to your tyre pressure can leave you stranded on the road due to a flat tyre or even a blowout.

Check your tyre tread depth

Your tyres lose tread depth with every mile you travel. The more miles you travel, the more tread depth you lose. While you don't have to check your tyre tread depth every day, it is generally recommended that you check it weekly or monthly, depending on how much driving you do. 

Keeping tabs on your tyre tread helps you know when to get new tyres. This eliminates the risks associated with driving with tyres that don't have sufficient tread depth left. If you notice that your tyres are wearing down too fast, your wheels may have been thrown out of alignment and need to be aligned correctly.

Looking after your tyres is essential for ensuring the safety, ride quality, and fuel efficiency of your car. Talk to the experts at your local tyre shop to find out more about how to take care of your tyres.


10 December 2020