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What are the benefits of automatic transmission?


Automatic transmission used to be thought of as a bit of a luxury and used to be a fairly minor part of the auto and truck industry. This has changed significantly in recent years, where not only many cars but also many trucks, tractors and other agricultural and industrial machines have this type of transmission fitted as standard.

Benefits of automatic transmission

There are probably two main benefits satiated with automatic transmission. First is that the driver or operator does not have to manually change gear, this is done automatically by a computer within the engine. This means that it is much more fuel-efficient, the engine runs more smoothly and the overall performance of the vehicle or machine is likely to perform better than that with a manual transmission.

The other main benefit is for cars, trucks and other vehicles that are largely used in urban city or road systems. Often these roads are highly congested, and the vehicles using them are continually stopping and starting. Automatic transmission significantly improves the flow of these vehicles, improving both the exhaust emissions and air quality, as well as reducing the stress levels of the driver.

Automatic transmission servicing

Because an automatic transmission system uses computers to change gears, by its nature it is more complex than a manual transmission system. Anyone who is going to undertake the servicing of the vehicle needs to be fully trained and competent in understanding how the systems work. Servicing and maintenance of any vehicle is really important, but there are special considerations for any car or truck and has an automatic transmission.

If for any reason it is not serviced and maintained properly and breaks down or does not work properly as a result, it is much more difficult to resolve the issue than it would be if it were a manual transmission system. This means that an automatic transmission service has to be carried out to the highest standards in order to make sure that the reliability of the vehicle is optimised to its highest level.

Automatic transmission systems

Any operative servicing an automatic transmission needs to have proper training in the following areas. They need to be able to identify and understand the different components of the system, mainly the torque converter, the control valve body, gear trains, oil pumps and electronic controls. In addition, they need to understand the basic operation of automatic transmission and how it works and specifically the different types of transmission fluid.

The mechanic or operative needs to be able to inspect and understand the different fluid levels and be able to identify any fluid leak, as well as understanding transmission sensors and controls. In addition, the mechanic needs to have a very specific post-service testing procedure to make sure everything is working effectively that again would probably not be needed for a vehicle with a manual transmission system.

Reach out to a professional who provides automatic transmission services to learn more. 


27 October 2020